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REPLICA develops and produces narrative film and television that interrogates a new paradigm for subversive storytelling, choosing to eschew representation and embrace the unsavory and unserious.

We tell stories about the right types of girls doing the wrong types of things, jealous freaks getting revenge, and creeps who get off. 
Nowhere Girls
In Development

Based on the (sort of) true story, New York’s hottest drug dealers descend into paranoia as the walls of their new trap house close in and the city teaches them the painful price of being the right kind of women doing the wrong kind of thing.

Freed to Kill
In Development

Freed to Kill traces the lives of those touched by Larry Eyler, one of America’s most prolific gay serial killers. A ferocious female journalist closeted by stigma, a teen sex worker trapped by circumstance, and Eyler’s young lover and sugar daddy who will protect him at any cost.

Short Film
In Production

A lowly production assistant and her vindictive artist boss tangle in a twisted battle of wills that escalates to a psychological, sexual and violent fever pitch.

Mara McKevitt

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